Dave as a 10 year old

I'm "Dr" Dave, former President of the SBAMUG (2000-2003) and current "Director at large". I've been involved with the SBAMUG since the late 1980's. I also set up and maintain this web & email server, and the previous. From 1992 - 2000 I started, built & maintained our First Class BBS. It was the coolest (at the time). Then in 2000 I launched an actual web server from my garage to run the SBAMUG website and several others. By the time we migrated to a hosting company several years later, we had several hundred email accounts, and dozens of websites.

I first got started with Mac computers with my Mom's Mac 512ke, then her Mac Plus, & Mac SE/30 in the office, and about then (1991) I bought my own Quadra 660AV, a few years later a Performa 6400, in 1998 a Powerbook G3/266, in 2000 a G4/466 Tower with a Sonnet CPU upgrade to make it a G4/1000 which I was still using until early 2007 when I got a 2.16Ghz intel iMac. In 2005 I bought a iBook G3/700 which I used for about 6 years. In 2011 I managed to get Mac OSX 10.6 onto a Dell Mini 10v, which is inexpensive of money, but rather expensive of time. Made me appreciate the value of the real Apple Mac hardware & software both.

I have many interests, including Macintosh computers. By day (& sometime by night), I'm a Macintosh computer consultant; my company is Mac Medix. I serve Mac users and their devices in the South Bay and greater Los Angeles area.

It's always a struggle to get any kind of "Life Balance" when you are in a 24/7 business as I am.

Louise & I have a TearDrop trailer that we love to go out "Adventuring" and camping with.

I have a quirky hobby: taking photos of us in front of PostOffices!

You may have heard my brother Geoff doing the sports on KNX News Radio 1070am, FOX sports, or NBC Sports Radio.

I'm sad to report the death of my Dad in 2008. Some memories of Sherm are here.

And the death of my Mom in late 2018. Some memories of Jody are here. In addition to getting me involved with the SBAMUG, Jody really made an impact on her world! They were both great people and I miss them.

I have my own tech blog. After my Dad's memorial site, this was one of my first WordPress sites, and as a side goal, I am continuing to learn WordPress and ways to extend it.

I used to like to make photo gallery websites with iPhoto & Better HTML plug in for iPhoto. Then I would add additional text, tables, and index pages (like this one) with GoLive, Transmit, TextWrangler, or BBEdit. Then I used to use the iPhotoToGallery plugin for iPhoto. When Adobe bought GoLive and dropped support for it, I moved to DreamWeaver, although I can't say it's a lot better. Here's a write up I did on how to upload photos to a "Gallery" website, such as we have at SBAMUG. Sadly, Gallery did not get the development attention it needed to survive in an increasingly security conscious world, so we had to phase it out.

Since then, I've pretty much moved all my sites to WordPress, although I do still edit older HTML sites (like this page) by hand in a text editor.
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